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Victor H. Anderson
May 21, 1917 ~ September 20, 2001

Priest Victor H. Anderson was born May 21, 1917 to parents Hilbert and Frances in Clayton, New Mexico.* He was delivered by his father on their ranch. After several years of meeting on the astral plane, Victor met his wife, Cora in person in Bend, Oregon in 1944. Recognizing each other immediately, they married three days later on May 3rd.

Victor was an accomplished poet and the author of Thorns of the Blood Rose, the classic book of Craft and love poetry (first published in 1970), as well as several articles on the Feri Tradition and Huna. In 1975, he won the Clover International Poetry Competition Award. He was a contributor to Witch Eye, Green Egg and Nemeton magazines.

Victor and Cora are well known as the Grand Masters of the Feri Faith of the Old Religion. An extraordinary shaman and priest, Victor was one of the last Kahuna and a Houngan. He was a member of the Harpy Coven in the 1930s in southern Oregon. Victor initiated Starhawk, one of the most influential voices in contemporary Paganism.

An accident during childhood left Victor almost totally without sight. As a result, he attended a school for the blind in Oregon. Largely self-educated, Victor had a profound love of physics, chemistry, literature and world spiritual traditions. He was an avid reader, storyteller and brilliant linguist who spoke numerous languages including Hawaiian, Spanish, Creole, Italian, and Gaelic.

He was gifted with a beautiful voice, loved to sing and was adept on the drum. Victor earned his livelihood as a musician, playing the accordion at public and private dances. He was a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Alameda Lodge for 40 years.

Victor crossed over on September 20 in his home. His passing was swift and painless, as was his wish. He will be sorely missed by his beloved wife of 57 years, Cora Ann; his son, Victor Elon; daughter-in-law, Lois Diane; grandchildren: Victoria, Nathan and Elon Thomas; adopted grandchildren: Lori, Jared and Jason; several great-grandchildren; and the members of his coven, Nostos (aka Blue Circle).

*He was not born in Semini, or as it was subsequently written, in Gemini, New Mexico, as has been erroneously reported. In Being a Pagan, Victor states: "I was not born in Gemini, New Mexico; there is no such place. I was born in Clayton, New Mexico, in Green [sic: now Union] County."

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