Working with Mana
& The Ha Prayer



Mana is the fundamental energy of life present in everything. The word mana comes from the Hawaiian language. Analogous concepts from other cultures include the Indian prana, Chinese chi, and Iroquois orenda. The Fetch naturally uses mana to create and maintain our material existence. Fetch can also raise a charge of extra mana when asked to. One of the easiest methods to do this is through the breath.

Initially, you should do this exercise in a setting that allows you to be relaxed and undisturbed. With practice, mana may be raised anywhere at any time, but it's best to begin without distractions.


MATERIALS: A glass filled with fresh, clean water.

KEY KNOWLEDGE: Your Fetch already knows how to gather and use mana. This is an inborn ability. In this exercise, your Fetch begins to learn to work with mana under your conscious control.

Stand or sit comfortably, with your spine straight and your shoulders relaxed.

If standing, keep your feet about shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly relaxed. Whether sitting or standing, you should have easy access to the glass of water.

Trust that your Fetch already knows how to raise and store extra mana.

While it's not necessary to speak your intent aloud, the sound and physical act of speaking can help to get the message across to Fetch. You may utter a simple phrase, such as: "We will now raise extra mana."

Begin taking slow deep breaths—in through the nose, out through the mouth.

Inhale for a count of four, expanding your abdomen to completely fill your lungs. Exhale for a count of eight, contracting your abdomen as you breathe out. The aim of the exercise is not hyperventilation; breathe slowly and steadily. If you begin to feel light-headed, pause until the feeling passes.

As you continue to breathe, let yourself feel the extra mana building up in your body—almost like a mild electrical charge.

Imagine the energy flowing into yourself, like water flowing into a bowl or welling up in a fountain. With each in-breath, more flows in. When you feel at capacity and the mana is ready to overflow, raise your hands and hold them facing each other. Keep your fingers slightly spread.

Instruct Fetch to send the extra mana down your arms into a ball of energy that will form between your hands.

As the mana fills the space between your hands, you may feel it as warmth or tingling in your palms. If you have difficulty sensing the energy, try moving your hands slightly apart and then closer together again. The mana should stretch and compress slightly. If you've developed your etheric sight, you may begin to see the mana as a glowing sphere.

When you have a clear sense of the mana energy, move your hands over the glass of water.

Tell Fetch to release the mana and pour it into the water. Finish by placing your hands face down on top of the glass.

You may drink the mana-charged water immediately or save it for later.

If you're going save the water, cover the glass to help keep the charge from dissipating. Friends of the Andersons may remember the bottle of charged drinking water they always kept in their refrigerator. Drinking charged water can give you a pleasant sense of well-being.

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The Ha Prayer is traditional in Vicia; it is a simple yet profound practice.

Cora Anderson gives a description of the Ha Prayer in Fifty Years in the Feri Tradition. She explains: "The more natural and intimate your contact with the spirit [God Self], the more sure you will be with the results of your prayer. You should pray first to your personal God before trying to contact other Gods. When this kind of prayer becomes as automatic as speaking to your loved ones, it is then possible to commune with the Gods in a loving wholesome way."

Ha is a Hawaiian word meaning "four" and also "breath" and "life." Among other things, the number four represents the fourfold nature of the human being—the three spirits of the soul plus the physical body. We will be raising extra mana, as in the exercise above, but the energy will be sent to the God Self.

Just as the Fetch uses mana, the God Self uses an exponentially more powerful form of energy known as mana-loa. Through practices like the Ha Prayer, we gather and send mana to our God Self with requests for specific things. In return, the God Self uses its mana-loa to create, heal, et cetera, on our behalf. It's also very beneficial to offer mana to your God Self as a simple act of love.



This can be an offering to your God Self or a request for something specific.

PREPARATION: Take time to create a clear mental image of your prayer's desired result. Be sure to see it as already manifested. Don't worry about the means; leave that part to your God Self. Tell your Fetch it will be sending mana to your God Self when you signal by blowing upward.

Raise an extra charge of mana through breathing.

This is done similarly to the exercise above—Working with Mana—with the additional step of taking the breaths in sets of four. When you've accumulated a full charge, clearly bring the image of the desired result into your mind. Then tilt your head back, and blow upward with a quick, forceful breath.

Know the mana is being released and flowing directly to your God Self.

You may feel an expansion of awareness at this point or a sudden pulse of sexual energy. After a moment, some of the energy will flow back to you. It's been blessed by your God Self, and should leave you feeling calm and energized.

NOTE: There may be times when Fetch seems to hesitate in raising or sending energy during the Ha Prayer. Fetch may have a complex that prevents it from conveying the prayer, or it may psychically perceive a reason why the prayer should not be made. See Kala for more information on complexes.

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