Victor Anderson --

Otter Zell expressed the hope that the Pagan community will at last find a place in the arena of politics and American life. I agree. I am proud to have had a wonderful part in giving birth to our segment of society.

I began my active work in the Craft in California, a short time after Gardner's first book came out. Before that I had worked and worshipped among the then quite secret covens of my tradition. Among ourselves we used the name Wicia, pronounced "vicha."

Our Pagan community is growing and showing much bright promise. The Craft is a tough weed that will grow many strange flowers and bear strange fruits, so we must try and tolerate different ways of practicing it. Learn from what we see and if we cannot use it, let the others try, even if they eat bad fruit and go balls up!

It is my hope that Pagans everywhere will learn that the Goddess (God Herself) is the great Mother-Father, the Womb of our Creation and the Great Breast of our nourishment. She is not just the mere personification of nature, She is a real spirit being. She is the Holy Virgin Mother of all things, Virgin not because she is without sex but because She is sex, both male and female! She loves us all with the same love with which a mortal woman loves us, but raised to the power of Divinity. I am proud to have been Her priest and lover through many lives, including the present one. Hail Mari!

Green be your world and bright be your path.

Evo He, Blessed be.

Copyright © 1993, 2001, 2004 Victor E. Anderson. First publication in Green Egg, Vol. XXVI, No. 100, Spring 1993.